Battery Terminals

Standard Battery Inc has the battery you need for golf carts, emergency lighting, alarm systems, UPS systems, floor scrubbers, marine applications, wheelchairs and automotive uses. One of the most important parts of a battery is the terminal, pick the wrong one and you can’t hook it up. In a perfect world there would only be one terminal but devices have different requirements for their connections. To help you understand the abbreviations we use on this site we compiled a list, with pictures, to aid you. If you don’t see your terminal on here or are still unsure of the terminal type contact us and we would be happy to help you. 

F1: Is a tab assembly that is .187″ wide across the middle. See the image below, the F1 tab is on the LEFT.

F2: Is a tab assembly that is .25″ wide across the middle. See the image above, the F2 tab is on the RIGHT.

ST: A Side Terminal is any terminal that has been placed on the side of the battery. See the image below.

P2: P Series, a plastic adapter used mostly in toys. See the image below.

L: L post terminal. See the image below.

Z: Z post terminal. Used in automotive and commercial applications. See the image below.

I2, I4: Internal Threaded post is recessed into the battery. See the image below. 

Marine Post: Dual Post Terminal, you can use either a traditional pressure contact or a ring and wing nut connection. See the image below.

We at Standard Battery hope this will help you in your battery search.

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