10 Best Automotive Oscilloscope Review To Buy [Newest Model 2023]

If you want to observe signals in a frequency range, an automotive oscilloscope is an ideal choice. Sensors, communication data streams, primary and secondary ignitions, actuators, and solenoids are all often troubleshooted with this oscilloscope. In the event of a car breakdown, this equipment can also be used to monitor fundamental electrical waves.

There are also general-purpose oscilloscopes that are used in the maintenance of laboratory work and electronic equipment. An automobile oscilloscope is an excellent choice whether you want to repair your equipment or become a skilled electrician.

Here, we collect some top-notch oscilloscopes that offer powerful, great performers and real value for money. So, before you proceed with the ten best automotive oscilloscopes, you need to consider some factors below that will make your buying decision quick and economically savvy.

Automotive Oscilloscope [Tested and Verified].

Quick tips to make a better buying decision

1.Try selecting an oscilloscope with functional triggering as it helps manage signal display and provides an accurate display.

2. PC aspects build up electromagnetic noise. Therefore, noise must be avoided to maintain high precision.

3. it is always a good and wise idea to choose this device from a reputable and certified supplier.

4. understand the channel and bandwidth specifications properly.

5. download the user manual to get confidential information about the device and use the

the device, and take advantage of the ease of use to save time and frustration.

1. Siglent SHS806 Handheld Oscilloscope

5.7" TFT-LCD display, 6-MHz, 2-channel, multimeter mode,

Siglent SHS806 Handheld Oscilloscope, 60MHz, 2-Channel, Multimeter Mode, 5.7" TFT-LCD Display
  • Bandwidth: 60MHz ,100MHz, 150MHz, 200MHz
  • Real-time sampling rate: 1G Sa/s
  • Equivalent sampling rate: 50G Sa/s
  • 7M internal storage, up to18 hours recording time
  • Record, replay and zoom function supported


  •  Real-time sampling rate 1GS/s
  • Record length of 2Mpts for up to 18 hours of detailed waveforms
  • 5.7" color TFT-LCD with an internal graduation grid of 8 x 12
  • Automatic triggers isolate certain signals
  • USB connector for data storage on up to a 4GB flash drive
  • Suitable for a variety of applications, including automobile electrical testing, automotive electronics, plant automation control systems, power systems, and others.

If you want to buy one of the best automotive oscilloscopes, you must buy this one. Siglent's handheld oscilloscope is popular with past and present buyers and has received favorable reviews. This 60 MHz handhelds dual-channel digital oscilloscope can measure electrical signals with a multimeter frequency, voltage, power, and duty cycle.

We liked its real-time sampling rate of 1 G/s with a record length of 2 Mpts, ideal for capturing detailed waveforms. Furthermore, with its numerous mathematical functions and FFT and automatic cursor measurements, it is easy to perform in-depth waveform analysis.

Signal patterns are determined by automatic triggering, which improves time basis, triggering, and amplitude settings. With its powerful recorder, you can easily capture up to 18 hours of waveforms.

2. SainSmart DSO212 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Pocket size portable

SainSmart DS212 Pocket Size Portable Handheld Mini Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Powerful But Simple to Use: Built-in signal generator, it has modes of vertical...
  • Easy Saving & Manage: Built-in 8 MB storage space, it makes saving and...
  • Color Display: The 2.8" 320*240 bright color TFT display presents any measured...
  • Portable & Compact: Its small form factor conveniently fits inside any pocket so...
  • Versatile: DS212 is widely applicable in the academic experiment, electronics...


  • Compact, slim and powerful device
  • Color display
  • Operation is straightforward
  • Small size, fits conveniently in any pocket
  • Storing and transmitting waveform is easy
  • Electronics repair, engineering, and experimental tasks all benefit from this tool.

Another worthwhile purchase is the SainSmart Automotive Oscilloscope. It has a color display that shows estimated AC waveforms such square, sine, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms.

You will find the operation straightforward by swiping and tapping, similar to a smartphone. It's a compact portable device that easily fits in any pocket. We love the built-in 8MB flash memory that makes storing and transferring waveform images more convenient than ever.

The multi-purpose DS212 is applicable in most electronics maintenance, academic experiment, engineering, electronic tasks, etc. With its 2-channel functionality, it is ideal for most engineering, maintenance, and experimental projects.

3. Owon HDS1021M Digital Multimeter & Handheld Oscilloscope

20 MHz, Single Channel With Digital Memory

Owon HDS1021M Series HDS Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter, 20MHz, Single...
  • Handheld unit combines a 20 MHz, single-channel digital oscilloscope for viewing...
  • Oscilloscope's maximum real-time sample rate is 100 MS/s and record length is...
  • Manual- and auto-ranging multimeter provides options for user control
  • 3.5" color TFT-LCD for viewing waveforms and measurements
  • Meets EN 61010-1:2001 safety standard, and is rated for CAT II installations to...


  • Handheld unit comes with a 20 MHz
  • Real-time sampling rate of 100 MS/s
  • Record length 6,000 points to obtain detailed waveforms
  • Auto-ranging and manual multimeter provides user control options
  • 3.5" TFT LCD to display measurements and waveforms
  • A USB port can connect to the computer.

The Owon HDS1021M oscilloscope is the next fantastic gadget we'd like to show you.This convenient electrical unit combines a 20 MHz handheld single channel digital oscilloscope to display electronic signals with an automatic and digitally operated multimeter to measure DC and AC voltage.

Detailed waveforms can be acquired with a real-time sampling rate of up to 100 MS/s and a recordable length of up to 6,000 points. We liked 18 automated measurements such as frequency, period, and others that allow in-depth evaluation of waveforms. It comes with two modes of ranging-manual and automatic.

The diode check, continuity summer, and data hold functionality to make it easy to operate, read, and manage this oscilloscope.

4. All-sun 3-in-1 digital oscilloscope, handheld + USB multifunction.

ALLOSUN 3 In1 Digital Oscilloscope Handheld With Usb Multifunction Digital Scope Multimeter Meter...
  • Search B0140W5FXA on . ca to read its reviews
  • Compactness, beautiful appearance & friendly interfaces. Quickly and accurately...
  • It features 6000-count high-precision Multimeter chip, NPX intelligence...
  • It combines Scope function, Multimeter function and signal generator function
  • The bandwidth is 50 MHz, The sampling rate is 200 MSA/S, and it owns 320240 mm...


  • A dedicated chip of 6000 counts provides high precision
  • Lithium battery as well as external power supply
  • 3-in-1 tool, scope + signal generator + multimeter
  • Color LCD
  • 50 MHz single-channel 200 MSa/S maximum real-time sampling rate

You will find this user notification oscilloscope very useful, designed based on aviation safety. Designed according to various electronics engineers' research, debugging, production, and repair needs, it comes with an LED light for battery connection.

Powered by a lithium battery, it can perform well even with an external power supply. It has a beautiful appearance, friendly and clean interfaces, and compactness. We were glad to experience its accurate and fast error of circuit, which provide great convenience works.

It is a portable three-in-one tool, which is ideal for production, repair, outdoor research, and production. The three trigger modes-single, normal, and auto, it is convenient to lock and store waveforms of non-periodic signals.

5. Autel MaxilM IM608 Key, Diagnostic Programing Tool

Autel MaxiIM IM608S II w/ XP400 PRO: Same as IM608 PRO II, 2024 Top Immobilizer & Key Fob...
  • 【2024 IM608S II, Upgraded of IM608 PRO】As the most popular key FOB...
  • 【Leader of Autel IMMO Tool Series, Do More than Your Expectation】As the most...
  • 【XP400 PRO, More Powerful & Compatible】Based on the XP400, XP400 Pro has...
  • 【Smith-Level ECU Programming & ECU Coding, Same As MK908 PRO II】Different...
  • 【40+ Services for 150+ Brands, Boost Your Business】 For workshop owners who...


  • Equipped with powerful IMMO
  • XP400 clones and generates exclusive keys
  • Advanced programming functions with OE-level diagnostics
  • Advanced learning features such as PDF, EPB, oil reset, TPMS sensor, SAS, and more
  • Smart mode for automated and guided learning
  • Expert mode for advanced learning
  • Rear camera with 8 megapixels, flashlight, and autofocus is built-in.
  • Internal 64 GB on-board memory for better performance

Autel MaxilM Diagnostic Tool is an advanced diagnostic and key programming tool in one, available with advanced key programming, advanced services, and all system diagnostics.

You'll love the Android-based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet that makes viewing everything easy. We liked the multi-protocol Pass-Thru vehicle interface, which is fully compatible and designed exclusively for PC communication. Its IMMO application is a unique solution that offers expert and smart mode. As a result, you get full instructions on performing IMMO-related functions such as remote control learning, key learning, remote control adding, and more.

It allows you to examine live data in addition to retrieving ECU information, and it is powered by the XP400 key programmer to provide comprehensive coverage and programming functions.

6. Hantek 1008C 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

Hantek 1008C PC USB 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Digital Oscilloscope/DAQ/Programmable Generator
  • 2.4MSa/s, 12bits;
  • DAQ card function;
  • Cost-effective 8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing;
  • 8 channels programmable generator which can analog signals of crankshaft,...

100K program generator with 2.0 bandwidth


  • A cost-effective tool for vehicle testing.
  • Efficient to store data to detect a hidden problem
  • Visualizes ignition sparks and shows ignition waveform in all cylinders
  • A crankshaft rotation measuring ruler is included, which can be used to track all engine cycles.

Another fantastic product from the Hantek 1008C series is presented here. This 8-channel automotive oscilloscope is a versatile instrument for evaluating and testing autos.

It is built exclusively for autos and is one of the most tough and long-lasting solutions available to automotive mechanics. It's an excellent instrument for vehicle testing because it can display the waveforms of all cylinders at the same time.It includes a good exhaust analyzer and ignition analyzer. We loved working with eight paradigms that make it easy to display analog signals of a camshaft, crankshaft, and others.

The powerful data acquisition system includes DAQ hardware, actuators, and sensors with programmable software. It is driven by the DAQ card function that measures physical or electrical phenomena.

7. Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes - Bandwidth: 50 MHz, Channels: 4 Serial Decode Included
  • 50 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 4 channels plus 24 Mpt memory and 1 GSa/sec...
  • The Number 1 Selling Oscilloscope 4 Years Running!
  • 4 Channels, 50 MHz Bandwidth
  • Now includes FREE software bundle BND-MSO/DS1000Z built into the unit
  • UltraVision: Deeper memory 24Mpts included


  • Superior speed, frequency range, and bandwidth
  • Provides excellent, efficient systems
  • 4-channels provide additional ease-of-use benefits
  • 12 Mpts of expandable memory
  • Deep ultra-vision
  • Ultra-fast sampling and more efficient analysis.

Another excellent product to consider is Rigol's automobile oscilloscope. It sports a wealth of features and a crucial design that make it an excellent value for money.

The specification is available in a four-channel format, allowing for several devices to be used with breakthrough ultra-vision technology. It has a 50MGHz bandwidth and measures 13 x 7 x 5 inches in size. Weighing 6.6 pounds, it is a portable device that is ideal for frequent travelers.

It comes with a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/s for display and can evaluate high waveforms of up to 30000wfms/s. In addition, it will add to your convenience with storable and playable waveforms of up to 60000 frames and Ethernet and USB connectivity.

8. launch X431 V + Improved version of X431 V PRO

Bidirectional diagnostic scan tool with 20 reset functions


  • ECU coding and robust all systems diagnosis
  • 20 different types of reset services
  • Bidirectional control active test to perform a specific evaluation
  • Fast troubleshooting and reading of live data and codes
  • High performance-price ratio with LENOVO display tablet
  • 7000mAh battery and 32GB storage capacity
  • Works efficiently on electronic control

Then there's this incredible diagnostic gadget with a 10.1-inch display that shows waveform data so you can rapidly detect problematic parts and fix them.

While the Android 5.1 operating system provides a smooth diagnostic experience, Bluetooth connectivity offers great convenience and allows you to diagnose vehicles easily. It is a durable design with resistance to dust, grease, drops, and water. The 7000mAh battery capacity guarantees continuous gadget use for about 4-6 hours on a single charge.

Also, check out some good options for the bidirectional scanning tool. (Worth knowing)

The ECU coding function has numerous applications. The existing user loved its one-button VIN scan, support a quick diagnosis, 11 special functions, and diagnose all systems.

9. Autel MaxiCOM MK808

Automotive OBD2 Scanner

Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808S: 2023 Bidirectional Tool as MK808BT Pro MX808S, Updated of MaxiCheck...
  • 【2023 New Functions Making MK808S the Top Dog】Big Surprise! Autel has...
  • 【2023 NEWLY RELEASED BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL】As the 2023 upgraded version of...
  • 【28+ MOST POPULAR SERVICE FUNCTIONS】Autel versatile OBDII scanenr MK808S,...
  • 【DIAGNOSE ALL AVAILABLE MODULES】Same as the Snap-on code readers & MK808BT...
  • 【IMMO KEYS】Car computer diagnostic tool MK808S is cost-effective with a nice...


  • Specific IMMO function protects the vehicle from theft.
  • TPMS service enables relearning TPMS sensors
  • In-built BMS/SAS/PDF/OLS/EPB service
  • Reads and clears codes enabling full auto-detection
  • Showcase live data in graphic, text, and analog form
  • Advanced hardware with an A9 processor, 32 GB memory, and 7-inch LCD touch screen

You'll love this automotive oscilloscope from Autel that can be conveniently used on countless vehicle models. With its intelligent AutoVIN technology, we could easily identify the vehicle.

The TPMS - or tire pressure monitoring system service is great support for vehicles to register, enter TPSM sensor replacement IDs and sensor IDs. With the 7-inch touchscreen LED, you can have exceptional experiences that allow you to access intuitive navigation. In addition, the Android operating system improves efficiency and performance, while the 32GB memory ensures that slow response is reduced.

The built-in memory lasts up to 4.5 hours on a single charge, allowing you to use most tools in the machine, such as Shop Manager, Data Manager, and Remote Desk. In addition, the automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications convey effectiveness and ease.


Bidirectional Diagnostic Scan Tool

LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini 3.0,2023 New Bi-directional Scan Tool,35+ Service, OE-Level Full System...
  • 【2023 Advanced Diagnostic Scanner】LAUNCH X431 pros mini diagnostic tool has...
  • 【All system diagnostics +Wider Regional Vehicle Coverage】LAUNCH X431 pros...
  • 【SMART BI-DIRECTIONAL(ACTIVE TEST)】 LAUNCH X431 pros mini scan tool with...
  • 【2023 Better Hardware 】Launch X431 pros mini Updated and Optimized the...


  • An excellent bidirectional control active test
  • Enables fast troubleshooting of auto
  • Updates software in one click and for two years
  • Equips Android 7.1 operating system
  • Color HD touchscreen
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Datastream playback and recording
  • Supports auto VIN detection
  • Activate test and service functions in a variety of cars.

We have this powerful and robustly designed oscilloscope from Launch, equipped with a 6.9-inch high-resolution touchscreen that displays disturbance data and waveform graph comparison. In addition, you get more convenience when using the Android operating system with a new user interface that gives you effortless access to the various components.

It not only generates more accurate readings faster but also keeps shorter boot and response time. In addition, with its Bluetooth wireless diagnostics, it is easy to connect this tool to your vehicle even if it is at a certain distance. This simplifies the diagnostic process.

If you want a compact, portable, and lightweight design, this is the one to go for. This tool's ECU coding makes it compatible with a wide range of automobiles. This tool also has anti-theft matching, tooth learning, electronic parking brake reset, battery maintenance, and technology backup.

Buyer's Guide - How to choose an automotive oscilloscope.

An automotive oscilloscope is essential for solenoids, troubleshooting sensors, secondary ignitions, actuators, and performing other checks when a vehicle breaks down. They are popularly known as engine analyzers, engine testers, or automotive laboratory equipment.

If you want to choose the best automotive oscilloscope, you need to consider this detailed guide.

What is an automotive oscilloscope?

An automotive oscilloscope is a type of electronic test equipment created to graphically display various signal voltages, such as a two-dimensional representation of multiple signals as a function of time. This device tests electronic devices with electronic signals generated from a device.

It displays the details from the signal in the form of a graph showing a relationship between two or more variables on two axes, the horizontal and vertical axes. While vertical axis display voltage, horizontal axis display time. The diagram shows various properties such as frequency, amplitude, wavelength, and many others.

In addition to electrical signals, other studies can be performed with an oscilloscope. For example, it is useful to study various physical processes such as vibration and sound, converted into voltages or electricity.

In the past, there were simple, conventionally designed oscilloscopes. But now, technologically advanced, digital oscilloscopes have become a preferred choice among users. Medical, engineering, telecommunication, and laboratory science oscilloscopes are useful in various industries.

Oscilloscope Is used for?

When evaluating circuits, grounding, and power supply, signals change too quickly to check with a multimeter. In addition, there are no failure codes stored within ECU. Still, the problem persists because a failure code is recorded when problems are broken to the negative or power supply or the actuator or sensor is defective. However, it does not keep a DTC record when an actuator or sensor stops working in the middle position.

In such situations, an automotive oscilloscope is an ideal tool that allows you to easily observe output signals from slow-charging analog signals, inductive sensors, charging currents, output current waveforms, and more. In addition, it visualizes ignition spark processes to isolate intermittent problems and shows ignition waveforms on one cylinder but displays cylinders simultaneously.

Should you buy a scan tool and an oscilloscope in one unit?

It is not a good idea to buy a scan tool and an oscilloscope in one unit. The main reason is that these two tools cannot be used simultaneously or at the same time. In addition, an oscilloscope is a scan tool, which means that both units share a circuit board and the same power supply. In addition

This type of oscilloscope does not work as a good automotive unit.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

1.How can you install the automotive oscilloscope in cars?

Installing the automotive oscilloscope is never a problem for you. However, if you are doing this for the first time, I recommend following a DIY guide. Just make sure it is properly fitted into the injector. Once you have it connected, you will get the readings properly.

2. How can I check the reading with an automotive oscilloscope?

Now, if you have a digital automotive oscilloscope, it is not difficult to check the reading. I am sure you will get the measured values immediately. Also, if you have stored data, it is easier to monitor the results.

3. Can the automotive oscilloscope measure the current?

Not all of these models can, but the ones I use certainly can. In 2020, almost all digital devices can easily record the current and then measure you. However, for the analog meters, you need to change the settings.

4. Can I measure DC voltage with an automotive oscilloscope?

Of course, you can. However, it mainly depends on the available functions of your automotive oscilloscope. If it is a digital one, you can acquire the measured values automatically. However, if it is an analog meter, you need a digital one.

How can I test the auto sensor?

If you want to test the car sensor, it is easy with a digital automotive oscilloscope. Well, it is not a difficult guide for you. First, just connect the receptor to the automotive oscilloscope. Then, turn on the sensor, and you can get the readings properly.

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