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The UB12180 Battery

Posted by Chris Meier on

The UB12180, PH12180, PS12180 and UT12180 are all essentially the same battery, a 12 volt 18.0 amp hour with the same dimensions. The name is broken down by the first two letters, which identify the brand: UB for Universal Battery, PH for Power House, PS for Power Sonic, or UT for Ultratech the list goes on and on. The numbers are the important part and are broken into volts and Amp Hours, 12v 18.0ah. Most SLA Batteries are identified by combining the two, UB12180, when reading these batteries the last number will always be on the right side of the decimal, for example a UB645 would be 6v 4.5ah. The 12180 is an SLA, or Sealed Lead Acid battery and will not spill when it is tipped over. These SLA batteries offer outstanding performance and are able to withstand high current output and deep cycle operations. They resist vibration, shock, chemicals and heat while maintaining current and minimizing self discharge.

The UB12180 (or PH12180, PS12180, UT12180, etc.) is used in many applications. A few of these are: electric wheelchairs, emergency lighting, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), alarms, scooters, medical equipment, powered lifts, solar or wind generation and telecommunications. In fact you probably walk right by a device with one of these in it every day.

To fill all of these roles the UB12180 comes in three different models, each sporting a different terminal: T4, F2 or I2. When shopping look for an additional number in the manual: D5745, 40648 and 45570 respectively, to help you find the correct version. The Universal Battery brand does not place this number on the battery itself so you need to base your search on what you can see or what the manual lists. Here are a few pictures that will help you out when placing your order.

The UB12180 T4 (D5745) is a nut and bolt assembly:


The UB12180 F2 (40648) is a tab terminal:

The UB12180 I2 (45570) is an internally threaded terminal:

Luckily these are as different as possible and only offered in one size for each version. For UB12180 applications the T4 terminal is by far the most common, followed by the F2 and the I2. The internal (I2) is rarely used and the F2 is used only slightly more. Making sure you have the right terminal is the best way to get up and running right when your battery arrives. If you have any questions please contact us we are always happy to lend a hand.

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