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Maintaining Your Golf Cart Batteries

Posted by Chris Meier on

In order to get the most out of your electric golf cart batteries you should perform weekly or monthly maintenance on them. Depending on the usage of your golf cart, and your climate, a properly maintained golf cart battery could last between four and five years. Standard Battery, Inc. offers options from US Battery that will power your golf cart through those years. If you don’t need a replacement battery then performing regular maintenance can continue to keep your wallet in your pocket.

Make sure when servicing your golf cart batteries that you operate in a safe environment. Remove all jewelry (watches, rings and bracelets), wear safety glasses or goggles, and wear heavy acid proof rubber gloves. Contacting metal with battery terminals is very dangerous and can lead to severe injury. Take your time and don’t rush, the acid in batteries is corrosive. It will destroy clothing and burn your skin on contact if spilled or splashed. Keep a neutralizer such as baking soda or household ammonia mixed with water readily at hand in case of skin contact or a spill.

Golf carts are usually powered by four to six batteries located under the front seat. Remove the seat and proceed with inspecting the batteries. The posts and connectors should be free of dirt, fluids and corrosion. Inspect the exterior casing of each battery for cracks and replace any battery that is damaged. Do not use a damaged battery. 

Keeping the golf cart battery compartment clean will keep debris from degrading the performance of your batteries. Using a hose to clean the compartment is acceptable, just be sure to avoid electrical components as it could cause a short in the system. Before cleaning, make sure all battery vents are tightly shut, if the compartment is very dirty it would be best to remove the batteries and other electrical components before using the hose in order to protect them.

To clean the top of the battery ensure that all vent caps are closed tight and disconnect the cables from the posts. Use a mixture of water and baking soda with a cloth or brush to remove dirt. Make sure all cleaning solutions and dirt stay out of the battery. Do not use solvents or spray cleaners. Use a post and clamp cleaner to remove any debris from the terminal post and the interior of the clamp. Reconnect the clamps to the posts and place a thin coat of petroleum jelly over them.

When recharging your golf cart batteries always review the instructions supplied with your golf cart battery charger before attempting to hook it up. In addition to their precautions you should always charge batteries in a well-ventilated area and keep vents tight and level. If you are unable to monitor your golf cart battery while it is charging use an automatic voltage-controlled charger that is set for the correct battery type. Follow the instructions provided with the charger when making connections, or disconnecting, as they can vary from unit to unit. Exercise common sense when charging: don’t use broken, frayed or loose charger leads.

Your golf cart batteries should be fully recharged everyday it is used, even if it was only discharged 25%. Try to avoid full discharge and over charging as these will shorten the life of your battery. If your golf cart is being used more often than in a normal day it may benefit from some additional time on the charger over the lunch hour or during other down time.

Because water is lost during the charging cycle you should wait to add distilled water till near the end of the charge cycle or once the battery is off the charger. Keep the level above the tops of the plates because the exposed portion of the plates will become permanently inactive due to sulfation. Do not overfill as the battery may pump acid when it is placed on its charger. This will reduce its capacity and may corrode its metal parts.

Standard Battery, Inc. offers watering system kits to aid in keeping your golf cart battery setup topped off with the correct amount of water. These kits are customized for your setup based on the number of batteries and your golf cart. These range in price from $150 to $250 and will save you time and energy over the life of your batteries. To learn more, get a quote or place an order contact us at 1-888-405-4388.

When storing your golf cart batteries make sure they are fully charged, clean and dry. Ensure the area they are going to be stored in is unheated and dry and that the batteries are not directly on a concrete surface. The colder the storage area the slower the battery will self-discharge. Under normal conditions a boost charge is required every 3 months.

To avoid maintenance altogether checkout our maintenance free line of batteries from Discover-Energy.

Standard Battery, Inc. is a master distributor of US Battery brand batteries and the sole regional distributor of the entire line of Discover-Energy brand batteries. Both brands provide excellent replacement options for your golf cart and are available through either of our locations. Feel free to call or swing by, we are always happy to help.

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