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Weekly Battery Care Tips

Posted by Jason Stewart on

This is where we will post weekly tips on how to properly maintain your deep cycle batteries to get the most out of your investment.

  • New batteries should be given a full charge before use.
  • New deep cycle batteries need to be cycled several times before reaching full capacity (50-125 cycles, depending on type).  Capacity will be limited during this period.
  • Battery cables should be intact, and the connectors kept tight at all times.  Always use insulated tools to avoid shorting battery terminals.  Regular inspection is recommended.
  • Vent caps should be correctly installed and tight during vehicle operation and battery charging.
  • Batteries should be kept clean and free of dirt and corrosion at all times.
  • Batteries should always be watered after charging unless plates are exposed before charging.  If exposed, plates should be covered by approximately 1/8″ of acid.   Check acid level after charge.  The acid level should be kept 1/4″ below the bottom of the fill well in the cell cover.
  • Water used to replenish batteries should be distilled or treated not to exceed 200 T.D.S. (total dissolved solid…parts per million).  Particular care should be taken to avoid metallic contamination (iron).
  • For best battery life, batteries should not be discharged below 80% of their rated capacity.  Proper battery sizing will help avoid excessive discharge.
  • Battery chargers should be matched to fully charge batteries in an eight hour period.  Defective and unmatched chargers will damage batteries or severely reduce their performance.

Check back often as we will continue to post tips and breaking news from the battery world!

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