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Batteries 101 — Car Batteries

How to Change a Car Battery

Posted by Michael Wenger on

Changing a car battery is a basic skill that all drivers today should have. When you purchase a battery at a local business, many of them will change your car battery for free. If your battery is in extremely bad shape, it’s possible that your car won’t make it to the battery store. In that case, you’re going to need to change your own car battery.   Tools you’ll need: Battery Terminal Wrench Most battery terminals are 5/16” or 10mm. Using a specialized rubber-handled wrench will help prevent accidental grounding with other metal parts. A combination wrench will also work....

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Corroded Battery Terminals and Cola

Posted by Michael Wenger on

Corroded batteries can cause bugs in any electrical system. In vehicles especially, corroded battery cables and battery terminals will cause reluctant starts, dim headlights, and poor audio quality through your speakers. Dozens of customers have arrived at our shop looking to replace a battery they believe is faulty. They are often surprised at how easy they can clean the corrosion and put new life in back into their battery! It’s important to understand why batteries begin to corrode in the first place. The green and white corrosion you see is a bi-product of the chemicals in car batteries. The simple...

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