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Batteries 101 — Golf Cart

Battery Watering Systems

Posted by Brandon Burriss on

Standard Battery, Inc. offers watering system solutions for maintaining your industrial and golf cart battery systems. Created by Battery Watering Technologies these will come as either a pre assembled kit or in a Do-It-Yourself format. It is important to order the correct layout for your setup to ensure proper connections and optimal performance. At Standard Battery we can help you order and install the battery watering system that will fill your needs. Battery watering systems are perfect for use with US Battery brand deep cycle batteries, such as the US12VXC, US2200, US1800 and the US8VGC. By installing a watering system...

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Maintaining Your Golf Cart Batteries

Posted by Brandon Burriss on

In order to get the most out of your electric golf cart batteries you should perform weekly or monthly maintenance on them. Depending on the usage of your golf cart, and your climate, a properly maintained golf cart battery could last between four and five years. Standard Battery, Inc. offers options from US Battery that will power your golf cart through those years. If you don’t need a replacement battery then performing regular maintenance can continue to keep your wallet in your pocket. Make sure when servicing your golf cart batteries that you operate in a safe environment. Remove all jewelry (watches, rings...

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