Guide on How to Charge a Vuse Without a Charger

In our current world, who can survive without chargers? Most of us value chargers for mobile phones, laptops and power banks. People using electronic cigarettes would also hate to forget to carry or misplace their chargers. In such situations, knowing how to charge a Vuse without a charger would come in handy in avoiding a relapse.

Well, we've prepared a detailed guide on the various ways you can recharge your Vuse in the absence of a proprietary charger. Nonetheless, this guide is simply a makeshift solution to a momentary crisis and shouldn't be an excuse not to spend money on a legit Vuse charger. Ideally, Vuse vapes come with proprietary chargers meant for their exclusive charging.

What is a Vuse?

Vuse is a portable vaporizer or e-cigarette that delivers nicotine through the vaporization of liquid contained in pods and cartridges. This vape comes with different accessories, including pipes and bongs. Also, Vuse comes with various flavors that are attractive to cigarette smokers.

Ideally, vape gadgets, including Vuse alto with the pod mode, are created as rechargeable gadgets. As earlier hinted, a vape is useful to cigarette smokers who are on the road to quitting smoking. Other reasons people prefer vapes over cigarettes include their low cost, favorable indoor application, variety of flavors, social image and safety. For such reasons, a Vuse is indeed an important mobile gadget to its users.

Ways of Charging a Vuse Without a Charger

Welcome to thinking out of the box. Indeed, even without the recommended charger, you can still charge your Vuse battery. Next in line are alternatives on how to charge a vuse without a charger.

1. Using a Phone Charger

We start our list of alternatives with the most readily available solution. This resort only applies when your vape has a micro-USB port. Accordingly, you can use your iPhone or android chargers to boost the juice in your vape. Also, this method can work well with off-grid solar charger backpacks.

Once your quick connect end is plugged into the Vuse and the other end in a power source, your e-cigarette should be charging. As a result, the charging light should go on. Considering that your phone charger isn't compatible with your Vuse, you can choose to buy a new phone charger. Notably, ensure you check the voltage specs of your select charger meet the amp requirements of your vape.

2. Using a Laptop

You might sometimes be without your vape charger while on the road or in a remote place without electricity. Also, you might have your Vuse's charging cable but without the connecting adapter. Not to worry, you can still the batteries in your e-cigarettes if you have a laptop. Besides Vuse, this laptop solution also works effectively with most e-cigarettes and vapes.

In particular, a laptop works similar to gaming consoles and desktops, which all feature USB ports. Nonetheless, the laptop is the only suitable device since it has a battery to enable mobile charging. Consequently, all you need to do is plug your certified charger into your laptop's USB port, and you'll be good to go. You will know your Vuse is charging when the charging blue light goes on.

Even before you connect your vape, ensure you close all your laptop's background activity and running apps. Notably, the vape battery in this gadget will extract much voltage, probably even draining the laptop even before a full charge. However, NEVER and we repeat NEVER, use your Vuse while it's charging. You might end up planning to buy a new Vuse or vape and a laptop.

3. Using a Power Bank

In light of a portable power source like the laptop, it would even be better to use a power bank. Indeed, power banks have proven resourceful with rechargeable mobile gadgets while on trips. As such, reserve battery packs come with large batteries and charging cables and ports for plugging different devices.

As long as the available portable bank has compatible ports and cables, you can charge your vape. Even better, if you have your Vuse's USB charger, you can use it with your power back. However, if the charging light on your Vuse doesn't go on, probably the power bank has no juice left. Accordingly, if it is easier to bring your power bank than carry your vape charger, then always charge it often.

4. You can also Make a DIY Charger

If the already highlighted outside-the-box solutions don't work, there is the option of going extreme. Nonetheless, the further you get from the norm, the riskier this affair gets. But again, some of us endear risks as part of knowing the extent of creativity. On this note, you might have heard of vape batteries exploding when connected to the wrong charger.

Even before we get to the improvisation process, you must know the possible outcomes that await you. At all times, a vape battery explosion is not a simple affair. You might end up getting injured and damaging your much-needed Vuse. But now, nicotine urges can't wait until you get a proprietary charger. Therefore, we recommend getting adequately ready for this adventure.

Now, you are in that zone, but we will approach it from the point of knowledge rather than trial and error. For heads up, this is the solution that will involve cutting your charger to reveal the red and black wires that convey the juice. Making a DIY charger should be the last resort if the Micro USB charger at your disposal, including an android or iPhone charger, doesn't cut it. In addition, a DIY charger will step in if your Vuse doesn't have a micro-USB charging port.

Improvisation Process

Step 1: Choose the USB Cable to Sacrifice

Among the many of few USB cables you have at your disposal, choose the one that will least inconvenience your mobile charging needs. Progressively, you will know why we recommend this. Possible cables you can use include your phone charger or the USB cables that come with a power bank.

Step 2: Cut Your Charger

Use a sharp knife to carefully cut the outer sheath of your USB-c or any other select cable. This procedure will expose the inner wires of your cable. Then, pull out the thin wires. These inner wires will be two (black wire and red wire) in most cases.

Furthermore, proceed and strip the insulating covers from the thin wires. Even before we start stripping the main cable, it shouldn't be connected to any power source. After you are done with the sheath stripping, you should have about half an inch of two exposed contacts.

Step 3: Make Your Connections

To start the connection process right, ensure the brand name and the charge light of your Vuse are on top. Now here's the delicate part. Carefully put the naked edge of the red wire in the middle hole and the naked black wire in the hole left to the middle orifice. Ideally, the red wire will be connected to the positive terminal, while the black wire will be connected to the negative terminal of your micro USB port.

When the two wires are correctly connected, the charging green light on your Vuse should light up. Now, it will be just a matter of time before your vape is ready again for smoking. Even so, don't be impatient with the charging ending up shaking your improvised connection. Notably, batteries hate sudden charge interruptions, leading to the health detriment of the vape as a whole.

Apart from the connection on your Vuse Alto, one might ask about the (adapter) end. On the other end, you can use any USB-wall adapter but one with a credible voltage control feature like an Apple adapter. After a successful connection, we recommend using tape to hold everything in place. In turn, your hands will be safe in the event of an explosion.

Using Tape to Secure Connection

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Generally, this improvisation solution is only recommended for exceptional cases when you don't have the proprietary micro USB charger. In no circumstance should this method be used if it's not the last resort. Correspondingly, you also know the potential consequences of this method.

Tips for an Improvised Connection

Indeed, we now know how to charge a Vuse without a charger. Nonetheless, there are a few things to consider while charging your vape battery with a DIY connection. Learn as your read on:

  • In case your modified vape charger has other green and white wires. You will only need to plug or connect the peeled red and black wires.
  • If you are off-grid, you can use a solar wireless charger improvisation.
  • NEVER touch any naked wires when you switch on your electricity source. This method is highly risky to batteries and vape users. As such, you can use some insulation like gloves on your hands as you work on this improvisation. Also, learn tips for avoiding vape battery explosions.
  • If your vape or Vuse starts to heat up, stop charging the process at once. Overheating will happen due to a faulty electronic connection as you try to charge your vape (Vuse) without the appropriate charging cable. Also, heating up often occurs when too much charge flows into batteries. In some cases, you will feel the excess heat in your wires as you start, warranting an immediate disconnection.
  • At times, even with the right connection in your Vuse's USB port, you might end up with battery accidents. Therefore, save yourself the harm and spoilt vape by using the appropriate charging cables. If you can, totally avoid peeling any cables.

Additional Tips on Charging a Vape Without a Charger

1. Plug in your USB cable before powering your laptop on. This precaution is for avoiding any sudden electric surges in either device.

2. Still on how to charge a Vuse without a charger, you can opt to have a charging device that uses your car's cigarette lighter plug. Such a device will offer unlimited charging to numerous devices, including your phone and tablet, especially if your car has a reliable battery: Check Interstate Batteries. Nonetheless, you cannot use this charging mode on a computer.

3. Lastly, ensure you charge your vape (Vuse) for more time to ensure it's packed with adequate charge to last you many hours. Ideally, most vape models can last you for about an hour with just a 5-minute charge. In particular, a good Vuse battery can hold a full charge of five hours before recharging.


In closing, knowing how to charge a Vuse without a charger is a critical skill. Nevertheless, you should select your alternative charging solution wisely. Whenever you can, choose to use alternative phone cables as they are rather than peeling them. Overall, always try to carry your Vuse charger with you, and you won't have to worry about explosions or damaging your vape.

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