How Long Does Ring Battery Last? – All You Need to Know

The ring video doorbell is one of homeowners' most sought out security features and is the best doorbell option in the market today. One of the most important features when buying the ring video doorbell is to know the performance and how long the ring doorbell battery life is. Ring devices come in two forms: those that use battery power and those that are hardwired to use secondary power alongside the battery. The most important question by buyers is how long does Ring battery last, and we will put to light what they can expect when they buy the battery.

Why Does the Ring Doorbell Loose Charge?

On average, the ring doorbell battery life is about 3-6 months or even a year in some cases. However, the batteries can last only a few days in some isolated cases. The battery life depends on several factors that influence the battery's performance and how long it will last until you need to recharge it. Ring doorbell batteries will only perform depending on the situation you place it. Let us look at some of why the range of the ring battery life is so wide and why your battery life could be shorter than you expected.

a) High Front Door Activity

If the number of events at your front door is a lot, the doorbell will be triggered a lot, leading to the video doorbell battery life is shorter than it would in normal use. If kids are always playing in the front yard, the video doorbell motion detector may keep activating the camera, leading to a lot of performance and battery use. If you live near a road, vehicles and people will pass every other minute, activating the camera even more. Under such circumstances, the battery lasts according to the amount of motion frequency.

b) Direct Sunlight

If your door is positioned so that it will be getting direct sunlight, the battery life is bound to be affected by the sun. Direct sunlight is not good for any device because it reduces efficiency due to overheating in most cases. Heating a battery reduces its lifespan and efficiency. In the case of the bell, the functionality is greatly reduced. The doorbell functionality is sometimes directly linked to the battery efficiency.

c) Wi-Fi Signal Strength

The ring video doorbell and the ring app both use the internet when the streaming service is on. The bell needs to be connected to the internet for the doorbell to send a live feed to the homeowner. While the Wi-Fi signal might be strong in the house, outside the house tends to be the place where the signal is weaker than the rest of the positions. Because of a weak signal, the bell is forced to work harder to get the connection and keep it.

The ring video doorbell is primarily bought for its video feature and streaming capabilities. Therefore, the bell uses a lot of Wi-Fi in the process. Ring doorbells are Wi-Fi optimized, and the signal strength of the internet will be one of the reasons why the battery lasts or not.

d) Cold Weather

Lithium-ion batteries do not do well under certain temperatures. When the temperatures dip, the battery starts becoming inefficient. In the case of the ring video doorbell battery, temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius (40F) will make the battery less efficient. So if your existing doorbell is outdoors, you might deal with low-performance issues on very cold nights or during winter. Always ensure you have a standby generator during times like these.

e) A Lot of Live-Streaming

Understandably, you have to ensure your home is the safest place. If you have kids in the house or always playing in the front yard, their safety is your priority. In recent years, porch pirates have gone rogue, and you can no longer leave anything in your yard. Likewise, if you are expecting a delivery, you hope it will stay safe once delivered until you get back home. Unfortunately, some delivery people tend to throw the packaging and handle it in a given manner that you may need to monitor. Therefore, there may be reasons why you are compelled to use the video feature a lot.

Streaming on any device utilizes a lot of power. You may have noticed that if you stream too much on your phone, the phone may start heating up, and the performance is slightly reduced. Unfortunately, the same fate befalls the ring video doorbell when you use it for streaming every other time.

How to Improve the Battery Life of a Ring Video Doorbell

While some situations are uncontrollable, like the amount of traffic, if you live close to a road, you can do something to add the battery life of the Ring device. How you use the ring battery will affect the battery life, and you will not have to worry about the safety of your home every other time because the battery is dead. Here are some ways to manage the performance of the Ring video doorbell battery.

i) Change Motion Detection Settings

If there is nothing you can do about the traffic in your front yard, there is something you can do about the camera's response. Unfortunately, the motion detection feature is one reason that leads to battery drainage. While motion detection is an important feature, there are times when that feature can lead to reduced efficiency due to low battery power.

The Ring doorbell has a feature that allows you to create motion zones that manage the areas in which motion detection will happen. For example, if you want to get motion-activated alerts when someone steps right in front of your door, then you can limit the feature to just in front of the door in your house.

ii) Limit Intercom Use

The Ring doorbell is cool. You can get the intercom feature that allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door in real-time to find out who they are. This feature is very important for your safety and is a thoughtful feature. However, if you do not have to use the intercom, you can limit its use. For example, if you are expecting a guest and you hear the Ring doorbell, there is a chance it is the person you are expecting.

iii) Stronger Wi-Fi Connection

To avoid straining the battery, you can bring the Wi-Fi router closer to the doorbell to improve the weak Wi-Fi signal. A stronger Wi-Fi connection will improve the video quality, and the mobile notifications will be timely. Other enhanced features can run more smoothly if the internet is stable. Ring batteries can serve you well if you do the setup more efficiently.

iv) Recharge the Battery Sooner

It might not be good to recharge the battery only when it is drained. You need to recharge the Ring doorbell battery as soon as you realize the power is running low. The Ring doorbell battery is a rechargeable battery that you can remove and recharge using a micro USB cable. The ring video doorbell's battery is replaceable, and the Ring doorbell does not have to be off when you are recharging a battery.

Just like the batteries on the Ring spotlight camera, the Ring peephole camera, or the Ring solar floodlight, the battery is easy to pop off and charge. Furthermore, the Ring video doorbell 2 is compatible with your existing doorbell wiring and can be recharged easily without interrupting the Ring doorbell or the Ring app functions. A quick-release tab will make your work easier when maneuvering the battery.

The Ring doorbell updates the battery status each time someone rings the bell. You can check the Ring doorbell battery status by going to the "My Devices," and the battery status will show on the top. In addition, you can view your device health and battery percentage to see when you need to recharge the battery. When recharging the battery, ensure you correctly remove and reinstall the Ring bell on the mounting bracket. Remember that some Ring devices have a security screw underneath. The security screws are meant to keep the device safe from malicious elements.

Ensure you get the latest Ring app updates for a more intuitive experience with the app and the Ring doorbell. Other ring devices can use an update, too, because the apps contain almost all the tools you need. Also, remember that the indicator lights will turn to a green light when the battery is done charging as overcharging damaged batteries in the long run.

Final Take

The Ring doorbell has a lot of devices that enhance the security of your home. From the Ring Chime pro to the Ring Stick, Ring Peephole cam and more, Ring doorbells are the best in the market. However, you have to use the system efficiently for the doorbell to serve you. Use the Ring app only when necessary and save the battery power as much as you can. The best thing to do is get a battery pack that will ensure you always have an extra battery when you need one. In addition, you can opt for a second battery pack if possible to keep the rest of the devices on the safe side.

Get a charger with multiple charging slots to save you time even when using the spare battery. Treat the existing battery in the Ring doorbell with utmost care for efficiency. Once you change the battery, you can test rings to ensure the bell is working. Do not wait till the battery runs out. Change alongside other devices like the thermostat. Soon, you will have the safest home in the neighborhood.

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