How to Charge Your Ring Doorbell in Six Simple Steps

A Ring doorbell allows you to monitor activities at your door. And, did you know this type of monitoring can help keep your neighborhood safe? According to this CNN article, different home surveillance systems have helped the police solve crimes in the past. So, here is how to charge your ring doorbell battery for the best protection.

How Does the Ring Doorbell Work and How Often Should You Recharge It?

The Ring video doorbell 2 is a great addition to your home security and when you want to create a smart home. The compact device is easy to install anywhere on your entrance without prior wiring. After installation, it connects to your Wi-Fi to send motion alerts to your smartphone through the Ring app.

The Ring doorbell has a button that visitors press when they want to come into your home, and you can view who is at the door through a video relayed to your smartphone. As a result, you can view who is at your door even when you are not home. That said, the Ring Doorbell device relies on a consistent power supply to continue operating.

While it is possible to wire your device to your home's electricity, it is even better to use a rechargeable battery that guarantees the Ring video doorbell 2 will work even when electricity is lost.

But, the battery life depends on different factors, one being how many times it records visitors. However, the Ring video doorbell battery can last several months, so you don't have to worry every time you get a visitor. Knowing how to charge this battery is paramount to your home's safety, which is why we show you how to recharge it every few months below.

How to Charge Your Ring Doorbell Battery in Easy Steps

When you buy your Ring Video doorbell device, it comes with an orange micro usb cable charger so you can easily charge it at home. So, before you continue to the first step below, ensure your micro USB charger is available and in good working condition.

Besides the micro USB cable, the Ring doorbell package also comes with a screwdriver that helps when installing and reinstalling the device for recharging. So, it would be best to ensure you have the screwdriver as well.

Step 1: Check if your Ring Video doorbell battery is low

Like all the best batteries for different devices in the market, Ring doorbells can also alert you when the battery is low. You can check for the warning using three simple methods;

  1. Check your smartphone for a notification. The notification comes through your phone; thus very hard to miss if you've connected the device to the phone you use regularly.
  2. Check your email for a notification from Ring. In addition to sending you a notification through your smartphone, Ring also sends a warning email to remind you to recharge your Ring doorbell batteries. This step is vital if you do not use the connected phone regularly.
  3. Check the remaining battery life through the Ring App. If you want to be on the safe side, it is always best to keep checking how much juice you've got left on your Ring video doorbell manually. To do so, open the Ring app on your smartphone, then see how much battery life is left through the battery-shaped icon on the live-view screen.

When you confirm your battery is dangerously low, you will need to unmount the Ring doorbell device to recharge it. Here is how to proceed.

Step 2: Unmount the Ring doorbell security device from the mounting bracket

Unmount the Ring doorbell security device

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To unmount your Ring video doorbell for recharging;

  1. Take the screwdriver that comes with the package. You can also use another star-shaped screwdriver if your package did not come with one.
  2. Locate the security screws at the bottom of your Ring doorbell. If you have an original Ring doorbell, you might find one security screw, and you will be able to remove the entire unit when you unfasten the screw. But, if you don't have an original ring doorbell, you will find two security screws and will need to remove the battery separately after.
  3. When the security screws are free from your Ring video doorbell 2, you can now lift the faceplate away from the unit. You will need to grip the faceplate firmly and lift it upward, so it slides off the rest of the Ring video doorbell body.

Step 3: Locate and remove the battery

How to remove the Ring video doorbell battery

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If you have a newer Ring doorbell, such as the Ring video doorbell pro 2, you will need to press the push button on the unit to remove the Ring Doorbell's battery.

Step 4: Plug the Ring battery to charge

Plug the Ring battery to charge

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For this charging step, take your micro usb cable and plug the smaller side into the back of your Ring video doorbell. Note, if you do not have your original Ring cable, you can use another compatible cable that you use to charge your gadgets.

Next, you will need to plug the other end of your charging cable into a power source. You can decide to plug it into a wall socket using an adapter, or you can also use your laptop or even a solar charger.

When your Ring is plugged in, you will also need to check whether it is charging by looking for a revolving blue light on the ring circle. If you do not see the blue light, that is a sign your device is not charging. In this case, you can;

  1. Connect the cable to another charger or USB port.
  2. Use another compatible cable.

Once you get your Ring charging, you can give it at least five to twelve hours, depending on the cable you use. Smartphone cables usually charge faster, but the Ring micro USB cable should also charge the device within six hours when connected to the socket or solar power.

But, if you plug the Ring to charge through your laptop, you can expect the device to be fully charged in about 12 hours.

Finally, the Ring doorbell will be fully charged when the blue light displays a solid circle. When this is done, you will need to fix it on the mounting bracket as follows.

Step 5: Unplug the Ring and mount it again

When the charging light turns a solid blue light, you need to unplug the device from the power supply. Next, slide the ring into the mounting bracket, then fasten the security screws using the screwdriver.

Step 6: Test the Ring Video Doorbell

After mounting the Ring doorbell, wait for 30 seconds for it to record data to your smartphone before testing it. When it is on, you can test it in two ways;

  1. Press the Ring doorbell button and wait to hear the Ring chime.
  2. Stand in front of the Ring video recorder and check to see if it sends the video to your smartphone.

If both methods work, it is the best indication that your Ring video doorbell will work well for months to come. However, if it does not work, you may need to check if it recharged well or contact Ring for additional support.

Best Tips when Recharging Ring Video Doorbells

A Ring doorbell is the first step to having a smart home, hence the big reason why you need to ensure it is always working. It is imperative to observe these recharging tips to not only have the device ready but also to prolong its lifecycle;

  1. Recharge the battery before it dies. When the battery dies, the device disconnects from the app, so you'd have to key in the settings afresh.
  2. Adjust your motion detection settings if the battery drains faster than normal.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Charge Your Ring Doorbell

a) When do I know when it is time to charge my Ring doorbell?

The Ring doorbell is a smart security device that sends visitor data to your smartphone. Since it is a doorbell with a camera for video recording, you need to charge it often since the battery will drain in a few months.

Luckily, the device connects to your smartphone and allows you to adjust various settings. When the battery drains to an uncomfortable level, you will get a notification to your smartphone so you can make arrangements to recharge it.

If you do not have the smartphone with you to get the notification, the Ring app also sends an email reminding you to recharge the battery. Alternatively, you can also observe how much juice you have left through the Ring app settings on your smartphone.

When you find out your battery is draining, it is best to recharge it before it dies completely, which would erase the app data.

b) How long will my Ring video doorbell take to recharge?

You can use the original Ring USB cord to recharge the Ring battery or use a compatible USB cord you use with your smartphones. In both instances, you can plug the device to charge through a socket or plug it into a power bank or laptop.

These factors will affect how long your Ring doorbell will take to recharge. However, the device will fully recharge from five to twelve hours.

c) How do I know when my Ring video doorbell is charging?

When charging, the doorbell displays a blue flashing light revolving around the doorbell button. Then, when it fully charges, the blue light stops flashing, hence your cue to unplug it and reinstall the battery.

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