Where Is The Battery In A Mini Cooper?

Similarly, How do you take a battery out of a MINI Cooper?

The battery of a Mini Cooper S is located in the trunk or cargo compartment. In this situation, elevate the trunk floor mat to get access to the battery. The battery is located beneath the hood on the driver’s side, towards the rear of the engine compartment, in all other Mini Coopers.

Also, it is asked, Where is the battery in a 2005 Mini Cooper?

The battery is located in the engine compartment on the driver’s side of the 2005 Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper convertible. The battery is positioned in the back trunk of the 2005 Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper Convertible S. To get to the battery in this area, remove the trunk mat first.

Secondly, Where is the battery on a mini one 2007?

Our Mini One’s battery is located within the engine compartment, near the control unit, beneath the lid. We’ll have to open the front hood, then unscrew and remove the battery cover to get to it.

Also, Where is the battery in a 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman?

The Mini Countryman’s battery is positioned on the right side of the car, near the windscreen (passenger side). To get there, you’ll have to take down the black bulkhead that’s in the way.

People also ask, How do you check a MINI Cooper battery?

Open the hood, locate the battery, and check for its terminals with the engine and all electrical elements turned off in the vehicle. Positive terminals are usually red, whereas negative terminals are black. They might also be marked with a plus (for positive) or minus (for negative) sign.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you reset a Mini Cooper after replacing the battery?

To travel up through the menu, press and hold the “trip reset” button for three seconds until you reach “21. rESEt.” To reset the computer, do this test, and it will restore you to regular operating mode. Return to the “0. tEST” location and hit the trip reset button.

How do you charge a Mini Countryman battery?

To charge the Countryman, just open the charging port, which resembles a gasoline cap and is located on the passenger side, towards the front of the vehicle, and either use the charging cable that came with the vehicle or the charging cable that came with the charging station. The cable should then be inserted into the automobile.

What battery does a mini key take?

With the positive side facing up, insert a type CR 2032 battery.

How do you start a Mini Cooper with a dead key fob?

Use the Start/Stop button as usual after inserting the fob into the slot. Hold the remote control against the indicated region on the steering column and push the Start/Stop button within 10 seconds while applying the brake on other BMW or Mini models.

Can you start a Mini Cooper without a fob?

The comfort access feature on the MINI Cooper allows the owner to unlock the vehicle door and start the engine without ever touching the key.

How many volts is a Mini Cooper battery?

When the battery is completely charged, a normal measurement would be about 12.6 volts. If the value is less than 12 volts, the battery has to be charged or replaced. You may get your battery tested at your local car parts shop to be sure.


If you are looking for the battery in a Mini Cooper, it is located under the hood. If you want to know where the battery is in a Countryman, then you will have to look at the owner’s manual.

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