Why Won T My Car Start After Replacing The Battery?

It’s possible that you placed the automobile batteries incorrectly, or that the connections are corroded beyond repair. A damaged starter or a seized engine might also be the cause. However, the ECM or immobilizer may have lost its settings and information in exceptional situations.

Similarly, What would cause a car to not start with a new battery?

A malfunctioning fuel injector, faulty spark plugs, a poor starter, starter relay, or solenoid, a faulty fuel pump, a timing belt issue, or a clogged fuel filter are all possible causes.

Also, it is asked, How do I reset my car after replacing the battery?

Simply follow these simple steps to reset your car: For two to three minutes, disconnect the battery cable. Start the automobile after reconnecting the battery. Allow the engine control systems to detect any possible faults by driving the automobile for at least 10 kilometers.

Secondly, Why won’t my car start if I has a good battery and good starter?

To start the combustion system, your automobile need the proper air-fuel ratio (fuel pressure) and a spark. If your vehicle won’t start despite a healthy battery and adequate petrol in the tank, you most likely have a faulty spark plug. Why? The car will not move if the spark plug fails to ignite the gasoline.

Also, Why won’t my car start after I changed the alternator?

If the battery is in good condition, the charging system’s fuses should be examined. This will happen if one of the alternator wires was shorted when the alternator was replaced. If this happened shortly after the alternator was changed, something must have shorted during the replacement.

People also ask, Does a new car battery need to be jumped?

Is it necessary to jump a fresh automobile battery? It is not necessary to jump a fresh lead-acid battery after installation. The manufacturing procedure has left them fully charged. Even though the battery is fresh new, some customers have complained that they need to jump it to start an engine.

Related Questions and Answers

Do you have to reset car computer after replacing battery?

There is no need to reset the computer per se, but if you have any error codes that suggest a problem, you should have a professional technician evaluate the check engine light.

How long does it take for a car computer to reset itself?

The car’s internal computer only resets after a certain amount of time has passed and it has checked all of its sensors again. After 10 to 20 cycles, the reset may occur automatically. A cycle is a period in which you start and stop your automobile. You’ll have to drive 50 to 100 miles in various automobiles before it resets.

Why is my car cranking but not starting?

Fuel Injector Blockage It’s possible that the vehicle cranks when you turn the key, but the engine won’t start because gasoline isn’t getting to it. It’s possible that filthy fuel injectors are to blame. The fuel injector nozzles might clog up with rust, corrosion, or debris over time.

How can you tell if its the battery or alternator?

You have an alternator or battery issue if your car’s battery won’t retain a charge. You have a malfunctioning alternator if your battery can start your automobile but dies while it is running. It’s a battery problem if your battery has been charged but you still can’t start your car.

How do you tell if its your starter or your battery?

Finally, look over the starter. The battery provides a burst of energy to the starter, which utilizes it to start the automobile and turn the engine over. You have a starting issue if you put the key in the ignition and only hear a click when you crank the key.

What to do after replacing an alternator?

What to Check After a New Alternator Is Installed Examine the battery. Check the wires and cables on the alternator. Examine the fan and the pulley. Verify that you used the correct hardware. Check the speed. Finally, check the alternator. At Massey Yardley CDJR, you may get a new alternator.

Do you have to jump car after replacing alternator?

A jump-start is not possible when the alternator is replaced. The alternator is not the cause of a vehicle that has to be jump-started.

What are the symptoms of a faulty starter?

Still, keep an eye out for these seven signs that your starting is failing. #1: The Engine Won’t Start. #2: Clicking, grinding, or whirring noises #3: Having Trouble Starting the Vehicle. #4: After starting, the starter remains on. #5: Smoke. #6: The starter engages, but the motor refuses to start. #7: Battery

How long should I let my car run after installing a new battery?

You should drive the vehicle for around 30 minutes after replacing the battery to enable the alternator to completely charge the battery. The computer and radio in most vehicles are reset when the battery is replaced.

Why is my car not starting but the battery isn’t dead?

A broken or damaged ignition switch, like the starter engine, might prevent your automobile from starting. If your headlights turn on but your vehicle won’t start, it suggests your battery is charged but the starter or ignition is malfunctioning.

Why won’t my car start without a jump-start?

This is frequently a sign of a failing alternator or a faulty connection. There might also be an issue with a loose drive belt, resulting in a loss of power. This might be the source of the issue “new battery yet vehicle won’t start without jump.”

Will disconnecting car battery harm computer?

Disconnecting your automobile battery will not harm your computer or ECU (electronic control unit) permanently, but it may have some negative consequences. These include forgetting learning shift points, deleting preset radio stations, and forgetting your car’s appropriate fuel/air balance.

How long should I disconnect my car battery to reset computer?

How Long Does It Take To Reset A Computer After Disconnecting The Car Battery? Almost all sources advise keeping the battery off for at least 15 minutes before reconnecting it to ensure that the code isn’t left behind, since some electrical current stays in the computer for a length of time thereafter.

How do you reset the computer on a car?

Resetting a Car Computer Remove the hood. Using pliers or a wrench, disconnect the positive terminal wire from the battery. Examine the schematic in the fuse box of your vehicle. To wipe the computer’s memory, keep the automobile unplugged like this for two to three minutes. Replace the fuse in the fuse box.

Will touching battery cables together to reset computer?

When you connect the battery connections and drain the capacitors, the clock loses its memory, the radio stations must be reset, the error codes must be erased, the outside temperature may take some time to relearn, any security systems must be reset, and the computer must

How do I know if my car code has been reset?

What Are the Signs That Obd Codes Have Been Removed? The DTCs have been reset by the engine monitoring system, not by a scan tool or by removing the battery, as shown by the yellow engine symbol, when the MIL (yellow engine icon) switches off suddenly after 20 seconds.

What are the most common engine starting problem?

1. A discharged battery. The most frequent cause for engines not to start is a dead battery.

What are the symptoms of a bad alternator?

4 Signs That Your Alternator Is Faulty Car Will Not Start A vehicle that won’t start nearly invariably has a dead battery. Engine has stalled. A vehicle that won’t start nearly invariably has a dead alternator. Electrical problems A failing alternator may cause a slew of additional electrical problems. Strange Sounds

How do you check if your alternator is working?

Running your automobile and then removing the positive connector of the battery is an easy test to see whether the alternator is operating. If the automobile suddenly stops, the alternator is most likely to blame. Check your interior lighting as another easy test.

What does a dead starter sound like?

Something doesn’t sound right. A clicking noise while turning the key or pressing the start button is one of the signs of a defective starter. A starter, on the other hand, may expire silently or make a whirring and grinding noise to warn you that it is about to die—so pay attention!

Is it my starter or alternator?

Your alternator is most likely failing if you hear a whine or the sound becomes distorted when you press the gas pedal. Look for issues with the starter or other engine elements if the car won’t crank or start but the headlights are still functioning.

How long does it take for a new alternator to charge a battery?

Remember that once you’ve performed a jump start, you’ll need to leave the car running for around 30 minutes to enable the alternator to fully charge the battery.

How long does it take for a new alternator to charge?

around 3 hours

How do you start a car with a new alternator?

How To Jumpstart A Car With A Malfunctioning Alternator Look for someone who has a good battery. You can’t restart a dead battery unless you have a fully charged option nearby. Allow it to run. You should run the other engine for 3 to 4 minutes before starting the jumpstart. Turn off all accessories. Make your way to a mechanic. Make use of a Jumper Pack.

How can I test my starter without removing it?

Using jumper wires to bypass the vehicle’s electrical system is the simplest approach to check the starter. Connect one end of the red/positive jumper wire to the positive terminal of the battery with the ignition switched off and the transmission in “park” — and with extreme caution.

Can you start a car without a starter?

A drained or weak battery is the most common cause of automobile failure to start. Providing enough amps to the starter will allow it to work properly, which will allow the engine to start. You may jump start a car by using the battery and jumper wires from another vehicle or by using a portable jump starter.


The “new battery car won’t start no click” is a problem that many people face. It may be due to low voltage or the starter not engaging.

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